‘Why We Introduced Eko Hotels Christmas Tropical Wonderland’


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Eko Hotels, Lagos has said they have planned Eko Hotels Christmas Tropical Wonderland 2019 which was flagged off  on Sunday ( December  15, 2019)  for Nigerians to enjoy the holiday season. The prestigious hotel also said the week-long activities with innovative Christmas package will make their holiday wishes come true.

The light up ceremony  at  the  hotel  situated  at Adetokunbo Ademola, Victoria  Island,  Sunday( December  15, 2019)  took many by surprise as it  brought magical moments especially for the children to enjoy the lights, spectacular and tropical fun. It is expected to usher in more activities, including dining offerings for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

Kids flanked by Mr. Ghassan Fadoul, Managing Director of Eko Hotels, Lagos  and the hotel’s  General Manager, Mr. Danny Kiouropouglou, during the light up ceremony of 2019  Eko Hotels Christmas Tropical  Wonderland, Sunday.

Chairman of Eko Hotels, Mr. Chris Chagoury said the hotel is determined to relive a sustainable and momentous experience for their customers. “The tropical experience is designed for families and individuals to have another classic Christmas memories and create new magical hospitality moments that only Eko Hotels offers with line-up of thrilling events between December 23 and 28, 2019,” he also said during the light up ceremony.

General Manager, Eko Hotels, Mr. Danny Kiouropouglou said everybody is talking about “develop and promote tourism in Nigeria and that is actually what we are doing.”

He said: “What you are seeing tonight (last Sunday) is our way of contributing  to the entertainment  sector by engaging with the people  viz-a-viz showing them what they can see and feel in Nigeria at this time of the year. The whole idea is that we are in Africa so we cannot be emitting the western world (Europe where is there is snow) to celebrate the way they do. But since we are in Africa which is the tropics we have to celebrate it our way”. Adding:” It is a way of making Nigerians to spend their Christmas holidays here in Nigeria than they spending it in other parts of the world like the United Kingdom, USA, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Australia etc. now we have created entertainment opportunity for them  to stay in Nigeria, spend their money at home and enjoy good time here. That is what is happening in Eko Hotels and Suites with the tropical experience.”

As one guest Mr.  Bioudu Lawal put it, “This Tropical Wonderland experience is good. We have never witnessed such in hospitality business in Nigeria. Adding: Eko Hotel has done well to give our children joy.”

Another, an Indian guest who gave his name as Deepark Sunil said his kids were reminding him about the Eko hotel programme for weeks.  “I am glad we are here and they are having real fun,” he said.

The hotel’s Director of Sales, Mrs. Iyadunni Gbadedo, had said the package is one unique and historic treats that “our esteemed clients and visitors to the hotel should not miss out on as our four hotels, including Eko Signature, Eko Suites, Eko Hotel and Eko Gardens, will offer families three or five days all-inclusive packages, to a place where even mommies and daddies read about in story books when they were young. You would only be selfish to have the kids miss this opportunity!”

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