What FRSC Commander said Women Behind the Wheels are Doing Differently




The Federal Road Safety Commission (FRSC) Lagos Sector Commander, Olusegun Ogungbemide, has commended women drivers calling them role models. He said women drivers are cautious on the road while driving as compared to men. Buttressing his point he said experience and records have shown that women are rarely mentioned on road crash issues as they are meticulous while driving. He urged men to emulate our women drivers in terms of cultured driving.

Ogungbemide spoke at an event to commemorate the International Women’s Day of Women on Wheels (WOW), an initiative of on the Highway Africa, in Lagos recently, He however urged women drivers to improve on their courtesy on road usage considering their roles as mothers. He decried the indiscriminate parking of women at marketplace.

He wants them to pay more attention on the role of mother which confers on them the important duty of being the eyes and ears of the family at home and outside, a role that engenders the need to impact in the members their family the knowledge of safety on the roads.

“The event is a sensitisation concept that we believe the Corp Marshal would be delighted to see. It is a unique one, it has never been this way, especially with women. No matter what you give to a woman, you can be sure it will be well reproduced. When we have an opportunity like this to express activities of FRSC and what we have achieved, it will help in assisting us in broadcasting it to the members of the public and also in building a better society,”said.


He continued,   “When you have reasons to buy a used Nigerian car, people tend to purchase vehicles driven by women. It is of the belief that such a vehicle has not been manhandled or driven recklessly and well maintained that is what we should all maintain.”


Founder and Publisher, On the Highway Africa, Mrs. Julie Chi-Nwaoha, said the event is a campaign designed to inform, educate and sensitise female road users to the rules and regulations that guide the art of driving for safety.

Chi-Nwaoha who is also a Celebrity Special Marshal with the FRSC, said WOW was set up to create a mutual beneficial relationship in educating and sensitising motorists and pdestrians especially women on matters relating to safety.

One of the participants, the Managing Editor of JUSTTOURS News,  Princess Justina Okpanku (JP) said the ‘Day Out’ with FRSC Sector was worth it.” Women behind the wheels are loaded. The Sector was at home teaching us the our driving instructors never taught us. There is no doubt his words of encouragement will go a long way to inspire us the more.”

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