Tomorrow Is Valentine‘s Day


Amarachi Acholem

Love is in the air! Can you feel it? February 14 every year is marked by the young and not- too-old as lovers’ day. Already, Valentine has boost sales. The much-hyped lovers’ day has boost sales in our major towns, malls, shops, restaurants and open markets. Who would have thought schoolchildren will be involved in exchange of gifts? Some teachers may have sneaked Valentine programme into school curriculum, asking primary and secondary school students to come to school yesterday (February 12) with flowers, money and gifts?


Many don’t even know why we celebrate lovers’ day but they ensure they make the Day memorable for themselves and their lover. History of Valentine. Its a feel- good season when lovers explore food and exotic atmosphere. Lovers are also expected to exchange gifts. Give, giving is loving. For real, people still cherish little gifts like cards and flowers. Are you looking for the special gift to put smile on the face of your lover?

Valentine’s sales are going on in our major towns. Shop to get your lover gifts. There are state-of-the- art cooking equipment and other smart gadgets that she would like. You can give her a washing machine or juicer, it will save time for family. You can also give a nice car, if you can afford it. There are lifestyle cars for Valentine. There are lots of cars that can blow her mind. Give lingeries or wrist watches for him or her. For the man, give a personal thing that endears him to you. Offer him camera, tablets, headphone, laptop or cellphones. You can also buy him a nice perfume, a pair of nice shoes, pajamas or boxers. Whatever you are presenting make it a surprise. Experts say there is nothing like a romantic surprise to keep the spark alive.

You can also eat out in a nice restaurant this Valentine’s season.  Visit a restaurant in your neighbourhood, the beauty of it is, that its a new environment and your wife will enjoy being waited upon. You would want to spend that special outing in a hotel with your heartthrob leaving the kids out of it.  The country has posh and nice hotels. Some of the hotels have already designed special programmes for lovers this season, offering elegant chic and opulent luxury perfect for lovers with lots of discounts.    Rekindle your romance with a candle-lit dinner.

In some restaurants, you will be served sparkling wine and candles. You girlfriend or wife will be offered a Rose stick.  When you’re fully relaxed, feeling pampered, you can have the pleasure of fine dining.  Dinner at Hilton Abuja is put at N26, 000. “You have the choice of  any of our Bukka, Zuma Grill or Fulani Pool Bar restaurant starting from N26,000 per couple,” Shola Adeyemo, Public Relations Manager, Transcorp Hilton Abuja.

Detailing the offering, Adeyemo said “It features musical entertainment for the guest at these restaurants, a glass of bubbly wine and roses for the lady. It is valid from February 12 to 14, 2021.

We recommend some other special hotspots lovers. In Abuja, for instance, the Millennium Park is usually a place to be. Visit any of the serene gardens that dot the nation’s capital, Abuja. Many have not overlooked the serene hotels with verandas of Abuja Sheraton, Nicon Luxury and Envoy Hotels.  Many hotels in Owerri, Imo State are quite interesting places. You have lots of hotels to choose from in Lagos depending on your budget. There are some crop of top- ranked hotels in the various areas of the metropolis including Southern Sun Hotel, Radisson Blu and island favourite Eko Hotels and Suites. Eko Hotels boasts 11 restaurants and whatever your choice, your Valentine’s Day dining experience will linger for lovebirds beyond February 14.        Better still, wow her in a restaurant with a view (city, rock or ocean).       Visit HBC resort in Jos, Plateau State to invigorate your senses, rejuvenate the body, mind and spirit and indulge in extreme relaxation in the picturesque plateau. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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