Runsewe Hails Travel Trade Association for Being Gender-sensitive



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The Director General, National Council for Arts and Culture (NCAC) Otunba Segun Runsewe has thrown his weight behind the efforts of  the Nigeria Travel Agencies ( NANTA) to give women travel professionals the chance to lead the association after its first attempt twenty five years ago.

Runsewe who has about five female directors working with him to rebrand the high profile Culture agency in Nigeria, noted that the NANTA’s effort is commendable and the way to run an all-inclusive association.

“I must commend the out-going President of NANTA, Bankole Bernard as for the gut to drive this initiative. It is a big plus for his leadership of the association and the tourism sector. I am hundred per cent behind him and NANTA on this score.

Runsewe who also doubles as president, Africa region, World Craft Council, (WCC), stated that it is culturally sensitive to carry our women along in national development, adding that NANTA has proved it’s very supportive of government efforts to empower our women.

“I understand that the Kano election of NANTA in March has been worked out as a kind of unity administration after Bankole steps down.  By God’s grace, it will sign post a historical rebirth to our collective vision to support our women who are usually good managers and home builders.” Runsewe explained, while  requesting the  entire membership of NANTA to join in making history again in the travel industry.

“NANTA should be made strong and I have followed their dedication to do always what is right to provide leadership for other groups in the industry. After the very successful outing of Theresa Ezobi in 1995 which made the association a notable game changer, to do same again after twenty five years means that Bankole Bernard is a good student of history.

“Truly, this is very significant and I must advise those to be elected at time like this to know that they must deliver and set NANTA  on refreshing path of progress, advancement and impactful presence at the dawn of new century,” the multiple award-winning culture and tourism influencer stressed.  NANTA is commended for seeking a unity administration to be led by Susan Akporiaye who was its first deputy national president.

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