Lagos: Saga over British Airways Leaving Passengers Stranded in Accra




By Justina Okpanku

Reactions as an international flight to Lagos that diverted to Accra, Ghana due to poor equipment left passengers stranded. Many said their treatment was “despicable” while others said “who compensated them for accommodation and feeding?” The issue of racism was also introduced to the sad story. One airline insider said,” That was very disrespectful. They would never do that in Europe, North America or the Caribbean.”

Britsih Airways (BA), meanwhile, may have bowed to social media pressure to respond to call by the passengers  who said they were abandoned by the airline in Accra, Ghana  over bad weather. Some of the passengers said they cannot believe the treatment meted out to them by BA. The airline did not get them to their destination, Lagos and simply sent an e-mail to them to “make your own travel arrangements to Lagos.”

One of the passengers who took to social media to reach the airline said: Bad weather in Lagos forced us to land in Accra on Tuesday evening. On Thursday, BA sent us an email saying they were cancelling our flight and that we should “make your own travel arrangements to Lagos.”

He said: “Do you think they would have left Americans in Mexico or Brits in France with the same message? I doubt it.”

Some of the passengers were apparently hurt by the airline.  It wa s obviously a harrowing experience  to one travel consultant, Michael Williams, who was returning to Nigeria after attending a funeral of a loved one overseas. William moved on when BA didn’t respond.

“I got a message from BA yesterday (Friday) saying we are sending a special flight from London to Accra to pick up the passengers they left stranded, If they can’t land in Lagos they will take everyone to Abuja” Adding: “B y then, I was an 18-hour bus trip to Lagos with 21 other passengers, most of whom were senior citizens.”

There has been a lot of bickering delayed and cancelled flights over weather at the Lagos airport lately. Lagos weather has been foggy and the poor visibility has made planes not to land or take-off.

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