Ikogosi Warm Spring: Tale of Hot and Cold


Visit the meeting point of Ikogosi water and splash water on your face. Hmmm, it’s warm

Ikogosi is where a warm spring and cold spring flow side by side and they meet at a point . The warm spring has a temperature of about 70 degree   centigrade and about 370 degrees after coming together. 

This spring attracts hundreds of tourists who are pleasantly surprised at the wonders of nature.

“I came all the way from Lagos to see one of the wonders of the Lord in this town, Ikogosi and this lucky state. I have heard and read about this mysterious cold and hot spring becoming so warm that you can use it to prepare eba ( Nigerian staple food that reuires hot in its preparation,” says Pastor Sam Adeyemi,  a foremost preacher and leader of Day Star Church.

Adding: “I thank God for the latitude of being here to appreciate one of His wonders on earth and in Nigeria.”

Ekiti is situated in south-west Nigeria, about six hours by road from Lagos airport.

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