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The meeting with Prophet T.B. Joshua of Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN) in June 2019 drew thousands to the birthplace of Jesus Christ, Nazareth, Israel. Although the pilgrimage was not a smooth affair initially, there were benefits.

When Emmanuel TV had during its Sunday service live programme announced that Prophet T. B. Joshua will be visiting the Mount of Precipice in Nazareth, Israel from Sunday, June 25, and Monday June 26, 2019, there was excitement.  Unsurprisingly,  pilgrims came from far and wide and the countries included Holland, Jamaica, Cuba, Russia,, Singapore, Japan, Spain, South Africa, the United Kingdom, Germany, Malawi, Zimbabwe, Canada, Botswana, Mexico, Argentina, Finland, Iceland, South Korea, Cameroon, Ghana,  Italy and even Nigeria. The organisers said nationals from more than 50 countries were at the event.

Ugh, fancy people speaking different languages under one roof!  The beauty is, many availed themselves of the opportunity to receive their healing. The organisers had urged their audience to be part of it as they will see the Biblical sites you have heard much about in the Bible. It was an opportunity for them to see the birthplace of Jesus Christ. The determined travel industry operators who didn’t want to be outdone during their preparation for the faith-based tourism smiled.

Certain religious leaders made  effort to stop the open air meeting by Prophet T.B Joshua, a Nigerian leader of the SCOAN.  Despite the protests the programme was described as successful.

“What is your name? Jesus will deliver you, today,” an assistant said to one eager visitor. She said a resounding “ Amen” just as her friend moved closer to be reassured and she smiled broadly for the message” Jesus will heal you, today.”


One Nigerian who for personal reasons couldn’t visit SCOAN headquarters in Lagos, Nigeria said he was a bit free to associate with the Church outside the country. “My people in Lagos won’t hear of it, they wouldn’t believe  assuming someone who knows me had told them I visited Ikotun, Lagos Church of T.B. Joshua. I was in Israel for the programme as I needed to see Joshua in person,” he said. Adding:” It remains debatable if T.B. Joshua is a true man of God.” Whether Joshua is anointed or not thousands from all over the world tune in to Emmanuel TV or visit SCOAN every week to be part of his programme in Lagos, Nigeria.

The visits give boost to the tourism industry in the country. Hotels owners/restaurants operators, transport providers and other tourism-reliant companies rely on what the Churches are doing in Lagos for business.  In this case, what Nigerian tourism operators lost their Israeli counterparts gained.

One of the tour operators who participated at the programme, Mrs. Deborah Luca, an Israeli, described the turnout as overwhelming. “I did not know that there will be so many people coming. It is tremendous; it is beyond my expectation. I am a minister of worship, I bring people annually here in the past three years, we have our annual Art of Worship, what we are seeing here is better seen than described,” she said.

Most of the hotels, especially in the Old Nazareth, were fully booked just as tour operators were busy meeting and assisting pilgrims for the programme from the Ben Gurion International Airport to Nazareth.

“This is the first time in hundreds of years we have heard the name of Jesus proclaimed publicly in Nazareth,” Pastor Hadad, a Nazarene, reportedly commented, underscoring the significance of the event in the volatile, predominantly Muslim region.

“I used to see Jesus as just a story from history we used to attract tourists,” Itay, an Israeli tour guide, bluntly stated. “Today, I saw – through T.B. Joshua – that the name of Jesus actually has power.”

Itay spoke on Joshua’s humility. “I feel humbled walking in the footprints of Jesus,” Joshua told the multi-national crowd, stressing that it was “God’s design” for Jesus to come from Nazareth, which he described as “the morning of Christianity.” In a heartfelt sermon titled, ‘We are known by our love’, the cleric spoke on the divine significance of love.

As the event neared completion, the cleric collected an offering to support the Nazareth area, further explaining how the choice of the Amphitheatre of Mount Precipice to host the unique meeting unfolded.

“I visited here three years ago and I saw this place was abandoned,” he explained, showing clips of the unkempt area, overgrown with bushes during his first visit. Given the Scriptural significance of this place, I was moved to contact the Mayor, Ali Sallam, and ask his permission to renovate,” he continued, stating this was Emmanuel TV’s “contribution to the place where Jesus’ father and mother came from.”

Joshua also referenced the opposition from some religious figures that accompanied the announcement of his visit to Israel, which intensified in the days leading to the event. “Even though there was rancour, it was an act of God,” he submitted.

He called on the foreign pilgrims present to make Nazareth their “second home”, encouraging them to “visit places such as hospitals, schools and other areas that need your attention and show love because the love we give away is the only love we keep.”

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