Fury as Nigerian High Commission in Ghana Was Demolished


• Ghanaian President apologises
Posted by Justina Okpanku
People have been talking about the demolition, last week, of a residential building in the Nigerian High Commission in Accra, Ghana. Some said it has to do with “see finish” (pidgin English word for contempt ) while others said the incident was only a slap on the face of Nigeria, pointing out that it may lead to a Nigeria and Ghana diplomatic row since its
a gross violation of Article 22 of the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations. It regards a foreign mission’s property in any country as inviolable and must not be entered by anyone without permission.

What happened?
In a telephone interview with NAN, Vice-President of NIDO-Ghana, Mr. Kingsley Attoe, stated that unknown armed men stormed the Nigerian High Commissioner’s residence in Accra, Ghana, with bulldozers and demolished four units of the nearly completed four-bedroom block of flats, on the property on the night of Friday, June 19, 2020.
At about 10 PM on June 19, the men entered the premises and ordered the Charge D’ Affairs to leave or be bulldozed. She left after calling the police headquarters which was just a few meters away. Though there was no record of injury, the security operatives were harassed.
According to Attoe, the demolished buildings which were still under construction were meant to house staff and visiting diplomats to the High Commission upon completion.
Not a few received this news with ager. One asked “Another xenophobic attacks eve from neighouring Ghana? Nigeria ad Ghana have historic ties as two Anglophone West African countries. Why xenophobic attacks?”
He said as far back as he ca remember Nigerians have had problem with Ghanaians but this one on the verge of diplomatic face-off. “ We are aware of hostile attitudes toward Nigeria and Nigerians by the Republic of Ghana and Ghanaians. Cases between Nigerian traders in Ghana ad the Ghana Union of Trade Associations, GUTA, have been on the steady rise in recent years so much so that the  latter pressured their government to make a law mandating any foreigner wishing to engage in trade in Ghana to show proof of having a deposit of US$300,000 in his or her company account or goods equivalent to that amount in stock.Oftentimes Nigerian traders were targeted for shutdowns, harassments and evictions.

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