For Safer Roads, FRSC to Impound Trailers Carrying Containers without Proper Latching


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Corps Marshal Boboye Oyeyemi  has frowned at  the carriage of containers by flatbed trailers without proper latching on the highways, saying that the Federal Road Safety Commission (FRSC) will begin  immediate impounding of such vehicles by its patrol teams.

The Corps Pubic Education Officer, Bisi Kazeem, in a press statement made available on Twitter, stated that the FRSC boss said the move is in a bid to get such dangerous trailers off the road.

Kazeem also said the Corps has secured a partnership with the Nigerian Ports Authority to ensure that such vehicles are not allowed to leave the ports in the first instance unless on the condition of full compliance with the latching and with other maximum safety standards.

He quoted Oyeyemi while giving reason. He said apart from the dangers to lives and properties when these containers fall on the highways or roads, they lead to unnecessary road obstruction which may cause undue hardship to motorists. In order to avert this and put a stop to further recurrence, the corps marshal directed the operatives of the corps to be on red alert and impound at sight any of such trailers found in the act.

The FRSC spokesman said the Corps will achieve this in a friendly collaboration with other law enforcement agencies, calling on the public to take advantage of the National Traffic Radio 107.1 FM or the toll free 122 numbers to report any of such trailers seen on the highways without proper latching of containers.

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