Featured Destination: Obudu Resort


Obudu resort nestling on flat plains of the Oshie Ridge of the Ankwala Mountains in Obalinku Local Government Area of Cross River State is about five hours from Margaret Ekpo International Airport, Calabar. It’s also accessible by road from Makurdi, Abuja and Enugu. Bebi airstrip and the partners with the state government have brought Obudu closer.

Paradise Tours from Remlords Car Rental and Tours fuels interest; it offers affordable trip from Calabar, Lagos (from its Balogun, Ikeja) office and other cities across the country.

Obudu Mountain Resort at a Glance

* Fresh revigorating mountain air

* Cable cars/Bebi air strip/ Paradise shuttle buses from Calabar

*Spectacular grotto

*Bird-watching (Home to rare species of birds, nature trail /drill, gorilla).

*Temperate climate (weather is from moderate to cool. Warm clothes needed now)

*Chalets and African bungalows (with modern facilities), offers 159 rooms managed by African Sun Hotel Group of Zimbabwe

*Restaurants (Nigerian cuisine/Continental)

*Conference/Sporting facilities (canopy walkway, golfing, gym

*Laundry, internet services/ electricity.

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