Destination Ondo Carnival Costumewear Industry Underway              


By Justina Okpanku
Destination Ondo has announced its plans to start offering unrivalled high quality carnival costumes in its cultural fashion platform. This means the tourism organisation is preparing events and consumer products for festivals in Nigeria and beyond.                                                                                                                    It is targeting over 10,000 workers for its carnival costume-making platform. The team is expected to be hard at work to improve the customer shopping experience.
The new initiative (Carnival Costumes Fashion Making venture) described as a major strategic tourism investment by Otunba Wanle Akinboboye’s Destination Ondo, is an action after the partnership with the Ondo State government for tourism development last May (2021) following the successful launch of the newly created Asun Carnival in Ondo Town by Akinboboye. Destination Ondo stated that the “entrepreneurial project, which seeks to establish a state–of–the–art biggest ever carnival costumes making platform in Ondo State,” is expected to further the realisation of the vision of transforming the state into a business tourism hub and develop local tailors and youths interested in becoming fashion entrepreneurs to be trained and gainfully engaged.”
The initiative is expected to complement government’s efforts at providing employment that will change lives of the unemployed youths, some of those that make the carnivals fantastic. According to Destination Ondo, the costume industry will cater for costume needs of festivals and carnivals’ organisers in Nigeria, Africa and across the world. It will be the only place to get the best costumes and accessories for carnivals and festivals in Africa.”

With a focus on building the capacity of local tailors to be multi-skilled, thriving entrepreneurs with sustainable livelihood and creation of wealth through productive engagement and also boost the general economy of the state due to the multiplier effect of the fashion business, it is also expected to help the value chain and support service requirements for costumes by so many festivals and carnivals springing up across Africa.
Destination Ondo may target some of the notable festivals and carnivals in the country for patronage, the list include the famous Carnival Calabar, Osun Osogbo Festival and Ojudo Oba Festival. Other top festivals include Igogo Festival, Ososo Carnival, African Drums Festival, Ogun Festival and Ekimogun Festival.
Destination Ondo, no doubt, is fast establishing Ondo State as a destination for business, adventure, sports and recreation tourism hub of Africa.                  Contact us:

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