Coronavirus Lockdown: Eko Hotels Clarifies Position on Operations




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Eko Hotels & Suites is still open for business. In a statement recently the leading hotel in the country stated that their services are scaled down to minimize Coronavirus risk.

“The decision to only keep open Eko Signature hotel, Eko Hotel, 1415 Seafood/Steakhouse, Kuramo Sports Cafe, Lagoon Breeze and Calabash Bar, is to adhere to the Government’s instructions of having not more than 20 people gathered in the same space. A significant number of our administrative staff have been advised to work from home. This is because we strongly concur with the precautionary measure of social distancing, in order to eliminate the spread of the COVID-19 virus.”

The  hotel explains; “The statement we put out earlier has been highly misinterpreted and misunderstood. Eko Hotels & Suites take pride in prioritizing the safety of our guests, staff and community, therefore, taking extensive precautionary measures in fighting COVID-19 by Educating our staff and providing visible information to guests about COVID-19 around all four hotel buildings.

“Providing hand gloves and face masks to every security guard, especially those who check the temperature of everyone that uses any of the entrance gates into the hotels premises,” the statement also stated.

According to Eko Hotels, ” Mounting up hand sanitizer dispensers near elevators, every entry way to the halls and meeting rooms, and other public spaces around the hotels premises. Making sure that our housekeeping team is continually disinfecting all surfaces around the hotels premises at intervals as  providing hand gloves and face masks to all staff who have direct contact with guests within the hotels premises” are some of the measure in place to halt spread of the disease.”

The hotel also encourages their staff to properly wash their hands with soap and water at 20 minute intervals as well as minimizing the movement of staff by housing the staff servicing our operations in the premises.

Eko Hotel  has also urges the public to “Wash and sanitize, keep your distance within our Hotels and stay safe.”


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