‘Nigerians Order Pizza from London Through British Airways’


The Minister of Agriculture, Audu Ogbeh, has regretted that some Nigerians are importing things like toothpicks and pizza into the country. ”Nigeria is a nation of importers. Do you know, Sir, that there are Nigerians who use their cellphones to import pizza from London; they buy in London and bring it on British Airways in the morning to pick up at the airport,” he told lawmakers when he appeared before the Senate Committee on Agriculture in Abuja, Wednesday:
Ogbeh said it’s a very annoying situation and we have to move a lot faster in cutting down some of these things.”
According to him, “Toothpick every year costs us 18 million dollars; tomato paste costs us 400 million dollars. Meanwhile, a basket of tomatoes is less than N2, 000. 00. The farmers are losing money because the processors do not have enough funds to set up factories. Two factories have started off. I am sure by the end of next year we can comfortably tell the importers of tomato paste to stop.”
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