Anger! FTAN Lagos Chapter Under Attack


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The Chairman, Board of Trustees of the Federation of Tourism Associations of Nigeria( FTAN), Chief Samuel Alabi has set up a 3- member committee to review the finances of Lagos State Chapter of the FTAN over an alleged misappropriation of fund.                                                      Alabi who was furious over the issue at the just-concluded FTAN 2021 annual general meeting in Abuja, said he was disappointed withstand the manner the FTAN Lagos has done things. He therefore said the committee will look at the activities of Lagos FTAN, its mandate and how it was able to open and run account without the knowledge of the Federation.

He also frowned at the assumed independent status of the Lagos Chapter from the main body, and expressed sadness over the non inclusion of Lagos FTAN financial account in the financial report.
“I was shocked that I didn’t see the financial transaction of Lagos State, no expenses, no income, no nothing. Those of us in subsidiary companies you will see their dealings. I was amazed that the level of activities that went on in Lagos was not reflected. Let us draw the attention of those that care to listen that state zonal offices have no independence, Lagos, FCT, River State FTAN have no independence status, please read the constitution very well. It is the BOT of the Federation like the BOT of other associations that have mandates to agree to the opening of accounts,” he noted.

He continued, “The BOT is in charge of assets and liabilities of the Federation. I am ashamed that am not aware of anything and their dealings are not in our documents.
I am surprised that any bank will agree to open an account for any association or Federation as we are called without the consent of the BOT. I am surprised that this thing is happening under our nose, it is an aberration, it will give room to fraud and big time scam. I demand to know what mandate was used in opening Lagos zonal account, I am saying this on behalf of other BOT members. Am sure the BOT will not say I should allow fraud to be perpetrated under my nose and I should keep quite. Let me throw a challenge and let me start with Lagos, if you say FTAN national is not relevant, let me do a letter to the Governor of Lagos disclaiming you and see what is going to happen, let me do a letter to the Economic and Financial Commission, EFCC, saying as the BOT chairman, there is a certain deal in the account of Lagos zone and see wether they are not going to pick you up.”

The lawyer who is an employee of Eko Hotels Limited, Lagos directed that the committee be set up to look into the books of Lagos zone, to get their bank statement, to print it out. I want a forensic audit of the account. “Please don’t tell us that because the FTAN secretariat national did not give you take-off grant money, that you are not going to be accountable to us, is like a man who tells his father that because you did not pay my fees in the university, that, I will toy with you name anyhow. The man will tell him to first drop his name, saying because I got my name from my father intact. Therefore, if FTAN Lagos will not be ready to give account, the can from today drop FTAN name from their name,” he warned.

The committee is comprised of Mrs. Ime Udo, a tour operator as chairman, Omololu Olumuyiwa from ANJET as secretary and Mr. Victor Kayode of Nigeria Hotel and Catering Institute (NHCI).                                                 Contact us:

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